Emvin's Salad

Inspired by Emvin Cremona’s 'Abstract', this dish, aptly titled 'Emvin’s Salad' personifies the painting’s perfect harmony of colours. 
Les Gavroches

Antonio Sciortino’s masterpiece ‘Les Gavroches’ depicts three poor street urchins living in the streets of Paris in the time of the French Revolution of 1848. Similarly, this light yet palatable dish is made of simple, savoury ingredients that made possible the livelihood of the poor Parisians during that period of civil unrest.
Rhythm Vitae

A celebration of the human form, Antonio Sciortino’s ‘Rhythm Vitae’ delicately and sensually illustrates the fusion of male and female, becoming one. The rack of lamb in this dish references the biblical origin of man and woman, created to be each other’s companions.
Still-Life with Fish

Giuseppe Recco's 'Still-Life with Fish' paints an impressive catch of fresh Mediterranean fish, displayed alongside 17th century epoch pots. Similarly, this dish is composed of fresh seafood served in a clay bowl, forming an arrangement that truly conveys the richness of the Mediterranean culture during Recco’s time.

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